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White man plays Persian prince because it obviously markets better in Hollywood



Hmm, I wonder why Danny Boyle didn’t think of this when he cast “Slumdog Millionaire”.  Stupid!  Just look how beautifully convincing Mr. Gyllenhaal looks so far.  For a second, I really thought he was Persian with the dark dark hair, bushy chest, and palish skin tone clearly seen above.  Like this guy:


Prince of America…oops, I mean, Persia hits theaters May 28, 2010


Trailer: Ghostbusters The Video Game

Super Mario body painting (NSFW)

Due to the popularity of an older post we made consisting of geek body painting, I present you with a pretty intricate piece of…art. I don’t want to know where his controller is plugged in.Click on the image to enlarge it (no pun intended) and stay tuned for some pretty cool Batman related body painting coming your way later this week.

Vehicles from LEGO Batman now in video

Well I promised a video and here it is. This was sent to me as an official asset for the upcoming game, LEGO Batman and illustrates the vehicles that will be used in the game.

LEGO Batman: Vehicles

I know I know, I spoil you. Well my loss is your gain. I will be too busy to post these assets tomorrow so I am releasing them early. Here are some official shots of the vehicles that you can find in LEGO Batman. We have some video footage that I will post over the next couple of days after it is converted for the web. Until then, enjoy!

More LEGO Batman assets released: Hush

As promised here is day 2 of our LEGO Batman assets. I was going to post some other ones today but these just arrived in my inbox. Here is the HUSH set of images from the upcoming game, LEGO Batman.

Hush was a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne, who became a master surgeon and donned the villainous identity of Hush. Like Batman, he has no superpowers, but advanced physical and mental training has brought him to the peak of human ability. His complicated plans of revenge against Batman are always calculated with surgical precision to hit the Caped Crusader at his most vulnerable spots.

LEGO Batman assets released

Over the next few days I will be releasing assets from the upcoming game, “LEGO Batman”. Today I bring you character renders of all the heroes and villians from the game. Seeing them in LEGO formation truly changes the dynamic of all the characters in a way that is so awesome I can hardly describe it. Click each image for a larger version.