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The AW Poll – “Lost” – Season 5 Premiere

“Lost” returns in its 5th season with a 2-hour premiere on Wednesday, January 21st at 8/7c on ABC.  Tell us what you think!



A New Clip From the Season Premiere of “Lost”

ABC has released a short clip from the upcoming January 21st premiere of “Lost”.  Check it out!

Who Watches the…”Heroes”??? Apparently, Not As Many As We Thought

This past Sunday, it was announced that writers/co-executive producers Jesse Alexander and Jeph Loeb were fired from NBC’s popular…yet not so popular series, “Heroes”.  Loeb and Alexander had been working for the show with executive producer/creator Tim Kring since as far back as the first season.

While this fall’s third season started off fresh with a worthy premiere episode having enough twists to potentially keep its viewers interested, ratings gradually descended as they once again struggled with slow-paced storytelling, open-ended subplots, an excessive amount of characters, and far too many unanswered questions.  In addition, NBC executives have expressed frustations over the creative direction of the show including episodes being overbudgeted beyond the $4 million per episode benchmark.

So who else saw this coming?  Be honest 🙂

1/4 Review: “Dexter” season 3 and Angry Web contest

Last night, the second episode of “Dexter” season 3 officially aired on the Showtime network but I was fortunate to get a review copy of the first 4 episodes before the season began. For those that are up to speed on the first 2 episodes, you are already aware that the show has taken a few twists and turns. Well you haven’t seen anything yet.

Over the next couple of episodes the twists get twistier and the suspense gets intense. The introduction of new characters like the Assistant District Attorney, Miguel Prado, and the new blood in the department, Joey Quinn, leaves some mystique that we know will play out big in the story but are left wondering how.

I can’t get in as much depth as I would like in an attempt to save spoiling the next couple of episodes but if you were a fan of Dexter in season 1 and 2 then season 3 will not disappoint. So far what we know is that Dexter has killed a man that didn’t fall into his “code” and that he is about to be a father. In the next couple of episodes, we see Dexter’s paternal instincts kick in and things start to get weird between him and Miguel Prado.

I will write a more in-depth review after the next few episodes air but for now leave a comment and let us know what you think of “Dexter” season 3 so far and any predictions of how you think the season will progress. We will choose the best comments to receive some official “Dexter” gear including bumper stickers, buttons, and t-shirts.

Dwight in ASCII

The Office season premiere aired last night and if it’s one things the geeks can appreciate is Pam’s ASCII version of Dwight. Here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Heroes: Villains

So Heroes began their inaugural season well received, on the level parallel to Lost. The finale was one of the most watched of the season. When season 2 came by there were talks of the sophomore curse, where new series can’t top its momentum in its first outing. This proved to be true, season 2 had less viewers and there were complaints that their success with captivating stories ended with its first season. And I’ll be honest, I happened to enjoy season 2, in spite of a weaker story hook, it answered many questions left unanswered from the first season. However the major issue in season 2 was its pacing, the producers of the show admitted that revealing the central plot revolving around the virus should have been revealed near the premiere not halfway through the season. But season 2’s downfall ultimately hinged on the writers strike; Two story arcs were truncated into one single volume and the alternate continuation is arguably much better than what we were left with.

Alternatively Peter and Hiro were not able to prevent Adam from releasing the Shanti virus and the town of Odessa was ground zero for an outbreak of a global pandemic. The end of the volume 2: Generations was to be followed up with “Exodus” where story would center on the containment of the virus outbreak and the aftermath of Sylar regaining his abilities. “Generations” would have had a similar scene where Nathan would pass out from the effects of the virus during a press conference. Instead we were treated with an abrupt end and sudden change in direction which ended with Nathan the victim of an assassination attempt. So the potential of “Exodus” was scrapped almost entirely.

Fast forward 9 months, what I felt like a cop-out ending to season 2 was redeemed and Heroes proves what it does best: ties things together. Volume 3: Villains starts out addressing the complaints of season 2, pacing. Now the season premiere was preceded by an hour of recap to get viewers up to speed, and two episodes that hit the ground running. It immediately answers season 2’s burning question: Who shot Nathan? The answer is actually a pretty good one and reminds you that on this show anything can happen.

Already it proves to be a season filled with twists and questions to be answered. Two episodes in and already Heroes has you guessing. Who is villainous? Who will prove to be noble? Each character seems to already be exploring an different take on their established characterizations. Already we’re seeing distrust between two best friends, the series poster child exploring a more emo side of her psyche and our main hero undertaking a very questionable mission. And when among all these seperate yet intertwining storylines we can see a large battle on the horizon and this forthcoming season we can only wait to see if it can keep with this good momentum and end on a high note and realize the grand potential this series is so very capable of.

Cast of “The Simpsons” finally make a deal

According to reports, the cast of the hit Fox show “The Simpsons” have finally made a deal that will put the 20th season into production.

Production on the show has been delayed for several months as voice actors and 20th Century Fox TV hammered out a deal. New pact bumps the stars’ salaries up to about $400,000 an episode; they previously made somewhere in the mid-$300,000 range. The deal, firmed up over the weekend, means most of the key cast members will be back to work and attending the show’s first table read of the season this morning.

You can read the rest of the article HERE.