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Triumph The Insult Comic Dog invades Comic Con 2008

Where there are nerds, there is Triumph. This week on Conan O’ Brien, they aired a segment of Triumph taking shots at the geeks of Comic Con 2008.


New posters for “The Watchmen” released by Warner Bros.

“Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe”: Gameplay video and narration

This video was sent to me as part of a Comic Con press kit. In the video, you will see a demonstration of gameplay, features, and get a narration by one of the original creators, Ed Boon. I was hesitant about this game when I first saw the trailor but the more info and video released on the game, the better it looks. Enjoy.

“The Real Ghostbusters” DVD announced at Comic Con 2008

If you are like me and grew up watching “The Real Ghostbusters,” this news may very well excite you. A Time Life press release gives the details:

Charge up your Proton Packs and get the P.K.E. Meter running! One of the most popular animated series in television history to spin off from a major motion picture, The Real Ghostbusters, will soon be available for the first time on home video from Time Life.  The 25-DVD set includes all 147 astonishing episodes of the seven-season series for over 55 hours of ghost-busting goodness — in their complete original form, but remastered for picture and audio perfection.  Produced by some of the team members behind the legendary Ghostbusters motion pictures, The Real Ghostbusters features scripts by some of the top names in animation, science fiction, and horror history, and top-quality visuals, plus a voice cast that included Arsenio Hall, Dave Coulier (Full House), Maurice LaMarche (Pinky & The Brain), and many more!

The DVDs can be preordered at a discounted price of $161.99 and will retail for $179.99. The collection, which will be available on Nov. 15, can be purchased HERE.

Comic-Con 2008

Excuse the lack of news but Comic-Con 2008 is gearing up in San Diego, California, and Angry Web will be there. Keep your eyes peeled throughout the week for exclusive coverage of this year’s Comic-Con, which will include everything from comics to video games. I will also be interviewing Epic Games’ Cliffy B about the upcoming sequel to “Gears of War”. If there is anything in particular you would like to see covered this year, drop us an email at angryweb@gmail.com.