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Dammit! There are five hundred pounds of C4 triggered to blow once the Millennium ball drops to zero! If you don’t stop this countdown, millions of people will die!!!

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Jack Bauer has spent 6 of his longest, adrenaline-overloaded days ever in the City of Angels, and most recently a 7th in the heart of our Nation’s Capital.  With CTU dissolved and Jack being charged on numerous counts of criminal torture by an intransigent Senator Blaine Mayer (spoiler: who is now deceased), where does our terrorist-whooping, resurrecting, jugular-snatching, mildly-cursing badass of a federal agent find himself saving the world next season?  Well, what better city for Mr. Bauer to take on than the Big Apple?

That’s right – sources have confirmed that season 8 of “24” will relocate to New York.  Like the current seventh season, season 8’s exterior shots will be filmed on location, whereas interior shots will be filmed in Los Angeles.  Production is scheduled to get underway within the next month.

Now did you really think that was it?  Because wait, there’s more!  Welcome the return of CTU (Counter-Terrorist Unit)!  The counter-terrorist organization will be returning under the new leadership of a character named Brian Hastings.  A character profile has been released revealing Hastings as an “MBA type with a razor sharp intellect”.  Joining CTU will be two male and female agents in their twenties along with everybody’s favorite, offbeat computer whiz, Chloe O’ Brian.

While this may be old news for some, it may still be new news for others – Anil Kapoor, the buttery game show host from “Slumdog Millionaire”, will be taking on the role of Arman Hashem, a Middle Eastern leader on a peacemaking mission in the US.  Casting is currently underway for the brother and wife of the character.

Could this possibly be a lead as to where season 8’s terrorist threat will stem from?  We don’t know; but what we do know is that season 7 has been kicking some major terrorist ass to this point.  With only 6 more episodes left of season 7, what say we send Starkwood Industries off to its cold, dark grave and figure out what the hell’s going on in that clean-shaven head of our fickle ol’ buddy, Mr. Almeida here.  WTF, TONY???  Wtf……


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