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“X-Men Origins: Wolverine” Review

x-men-origins-wolverine-posterATTENTION: We have moved!  Posts and comments will be redirected to our new location at http://angryweb.net.

If there ever was a generic summer action, popcorn flick, this is it.

Everything about this movie screams generic. The mediocre storyline, stale dialogue, less than stellar special effects, and uneven casting. As the superhero genre has evolved, so have the expectations for these movies, especially with the lately fashionable “origin”-type stories dating back to “Batman Begins”. But where “Batman” and “Iron Man” had strong storylines to back the psychological depths of their characters, this movie doesn’t do Wolverine’s character justice enough. Instead it wades through his background from his war-fighting days alongside Sabretooth to a love interest to a chase sequence to the unfolding of events bigger than Logan is privy to.

Now this movie isn’t complete trash, but it’s far, far from good. There are few moments of levity with humor (even bordering on the “Austin Powers”-ish in a particular scene), a few interesting special effects (splitting of a bullet), as well as the casting that works at times (sorry Will.I.Am, it’s not you though), and the ending isn’t terrible. That the movie takes too long to get to its end is unfortunate though.

More importantly, there is nothing that significantly sticks about this movie. If the story was written by a 5 year-old it could perhaps be seen as impressive, but that’s not the case here. I was actually bored for certain moments in it. In many ways, I would have to compare it to the latest “Bond” film wherein action was given a huge precedence over substance (except even the “Bond” flick had more compelling action sequences in it), or some mediocre 90’s superhero offering. It’s absolutely the type of movie that you will forget about 30 minutes after you finish watching it. And that it looks amateurish in many ways is perplexing. How Hugh Jackman and a certain cameo guest signed on for this is equally confusing.

I was hoping that an exploration into the origins of the X-Men would give the series a needed fresh breath of life, instead I came away feeling that the movie is much more akin to a lackluster spin-off, much like “Joey” was to “Friends”. And for fans like me of one of the more interesting characters in the X-Men series, that is a shame. But don’t take my word for it, the movie will be out in theaters in about a month’s time.



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