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Thoughts on Where the Wild Things Are

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I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here on the blog, but I’ve been keeping track of this movie for a few years now. The moment I heard it was being made I got giddy. The moment I heard Spike Jonze was directing it I peed my pants.


The beloved book Where the Wild Things Are is now a major motion picture. I talked about this yesterday on twitter, but thought I’d share in more detail here.

This film almost didn’t come to be. It’s gone through multiple delays, re-writes, and studio mumbo-jumbo.

Spike almost left the project and I vowed not to watch the movie if Spike’s visionary talent was not attached to the film. Basically here’s what I think happened.

What it boils down to is that this is not a “kid’s” movie. This is a movie the deals with real emotion, fear, hope and beauty. Taking the premise of the small book and turning it into a full 90min movie is hard enough, but how do you translate something that is more than a story about an imaginative boy who gets sent to his room. That’s where I knew Spike was the right person to be behind the screenplay and the director’s chair. What Spike was going to create I knew would be inventive, brilliant and visually stunning. Though NOT specifically kid friendly. The studio shot back some junk about not liking the casting of Max (the little boy) and therefore put the picture in jeopardy. The film got put on hold and ultimately delayed.

Today we finally began to see this vision realized. There were a few screenshots, but nothing would be as convincing as seeing these larger than life creatures move and saunter with our own eyes. Finally we have a full trailer for the film.

Trust me when I say you have to plain just see it. The scope and grandeur of this film is going to be breathtaking. Note in the trailer of the montage of Max running through various locations (about 1:28). I can only imagine seeing those on a large screen in detail, simply awe inspiring. The other thing that vividly sticks out to me are the eyes. There’s humanity and feeling behind the eyes. Take a close look at them during the trailer. Kudos to either the Henson workshop or the CG peeps, they nailed it. I’m very excited for this october 16th (fingers crossed that it doesn’t get pushed back) when the film will finally be released to the public. I have long been a fan of Spike Jonze for his willingness to step outside the confines of what is traditional and take risks with his work. Here’s hoping this film is everything I hope and want it to be.

For now sit back and watch the trailer. If you have the time, watch the full 1080 HD version which can be found here.

Or it is posted earlier on angryweb


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