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The future of film: 3D


Time posted an interesting article on the future of film in three dimensions (dum dum dummmm). Apparently some dudes cited in the article like Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, and Peter Jackson feel that 3D film is going to revolutionize film:

Cameron’s Avatar, due in December, could be the thing that forces theaters to convert to digital. Spielberg predicts it will be the biggest 3-D live-action film ever. More than a thousand people have worked on it, at a cost in excess of $200 million, and it represents digital filmmaking’s bleeding edge. Cameron wrote the treatment for it in 1995 as a way to push his digital-production company to its limits. (“We can’t do this,” he recalled his crew saying. “We’ll die.”) He worked for years to build the tools he needed to realize his vision. The movie pioneers two unrelated technologies–e-motion capture, which uses images from tiny cameras rigged to actors’ heads to replicate their expressions, and digital 3-D.

I can’t wait to see just how uncomfortable this is going to make movie-goers who finally get to see Dr. Manhattan’s blue penis in all its three-dimensional glory. That really will be revolutionary.


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  1. These are the real Filmmaker’s they have Passion of doing good Films and proud to say as a young Filmmaker, Mr. Cameron, Mr. Spielberg, and Mr. Jackson you guys are my heros may GOD bless you, let go so i can write my own story for new short film
    From Steven Morales Jr

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