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What’s in the box? – a mysterious short film hits YouTube

Earlier this week, a mysterious 9-minute short film appeared on YouTube and since then has gained an enormous popularity within the ARG (Active Reality Game) world.  An odd black box with a glowing red circle has appeared throughout the film, which asks viewers the question, “What’s in the box?”.  Heading over to the link: www.whatsinthebox.nl, people are taken to a site that is titled “Soon the world will find out”.  Displayed on the page is the same black box that glows blue, followed by red when the cursor is placed over it.


What’s known about this video so far is that it was shot in Nijmegen, Netherlands, incorporating effects from Half-Life and music from the TV series “Lost”.  The video description reads: “This is a early temp version. Will be deleted soon.”  People have begun speculating whether this is the start of a viral campaign or a tease for “Half-Life 3”.  Whatever it is, it is quite impressive indeed.  Take a look:


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