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Batman banned from Facebook :(


Bad news for the dark knight, folks.  According to The Washington Post, Batman has been banned from Facebook!  Something tells me this is the work of Gotham PD considering the masked vigilante is wanted for the deaths of Harvey Dent as well as two of Gotham PD’s own men.  Despite the unfortunate news, I think he can take it.  After all, he is the watchful guardian…the silent protector…the dark knight 🙂

As a result of this ban, numerous other Facebook users have been additionally affected including members Miranda Batman and Caitlin Batman Shaw, a mental health therapist from Arlington, Virginia who spent three weeks with Facebook’s customer service representatives having her account restored with her rightful name.

Other names banned from Facebook – Yoda, Betsy Super, Bess Pancake, Tim Six, Jeff College, and Chris Blue 😦

With Batman’s absence from the digital world of Facebook, will the threats of anarchy and corruption begin to seep in to the infinitely popular social network?  Will we witness the rise of another MySpace???  Batman, if you’re reading this, we urgently implore you to restore order to this looming atrocity.  Take back Facebook.  We’ll be waiting…


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