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Spidey-musical: Just what I wanted



Since when did the natural progression of super-heroes become comic-books–>cartoons–>action-figures–>feature-films–>Broadway musicals? USA Today reports:

It’s official: Spider-Man is about to make the leap to Broadway — and he’s bringing some very illustrious mortals with him.

Marvel Studios has confirmed that a musical is in development based on the popular superhero, and that Tony Award-winning stage and screen director Julie Taymor and rock superstars Bono and the Edge are on board. The U2 frontman and guitarist will write music and lyrics.

I can already imagine it: Dark Knight: The Desolate Spandex Man where Joker’s line, “You complete…me” would be taken completely out of context. Batman and Joker would fall madly in love with each other and have babies and domestic-spousal issues while simultaneously creating and fighting crime together, starting with Prop. 8. That actually sounds kind of genius! Quick, somebody shoot me before I start pitching it to the Broadway people.


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