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White man plays Persian prince because it obviously markets better in Hollywood



Hmm, I wonder why Danny Boyle didn’t think of this when he cast “Slumdog Millionaire”.  Stupid!  Just look how beautifully convincing Mr. Gyllenhaal looks so far.  For a second, I really thought he was Persian with the dark dark hair, bushy chest, and palish skin tone clearly seen above.  Like this guy:


Prince of America…oops, I mean, Persia hits theaters May 28, 2010

10 Responses

  1. Funny as hell. Makes me think of the dude that played King Xerxes in 300. At least they made a lesser attempt at authenticity…he is Brazilian after all!

    • Brazilian sure. But the funny thing is that in real life he looks more Persian than Gyllenhaal. For 300, don’ ask me why, they made him really dark and weird looking. Never mind Gyllenhaal, in this movie, his “brother” looks like a viking. That was very funny.

  2. So true…I hadn’t even noticed the discrepancy. When will Hollywood learn?

  3. mmm persians in the U.S are classified as caucasian/white by the gov’t.

    nd original persians were from the caucuses mountains and were whites. even today there are lots of iranians/ persians that look very european, I know persians/iranians with blonde hair and blue eyes but the majority have dark hair/ eyes but they are caucasians nonetheless there are persians that look much whiter than jake gylenhaal even today.


    • Caucasus Mountains.
      We are from Airyana Vaego, Irana Veja, Iranistan, Iran.
      This is where we originate.
      We have no history originating anywhere else.
      So, unless you mean Alborz when you say ‘Caucasus Mountain’, this is inaccurate.
      I come from a family full of Professors. I am VERY educated in Aryan History.
      We do not originate in Europe.
      We originate in Airyana Vaego, Iran.

    • Our earliest history is in central and Eastern Iran.
      Approximately Luristan, Khorasan and Afghanistan.
      Then we streatched out into Sughda (Uzbekistan & Kazakhstan), and into Sumer (Southern Iraq & Elam Province of Iran).
      We have no ORIGINS in Europe.
      However, we do have Ancient History in Europe.
      We went there and settled, but we didn’t originate there.
      If anything, they originate from us, if it has to be one or the other.
      I’m sorry if I seem bothered.
      But, I quite routinely have to explain to people that the Middle East is not originally Arab.
      So to refer to us as European, is neither fair nor accurate.
      I’m sure you understand.

    • This is the origin of our ethnicity.
      The Persian Tribe however, originated in Pars Province of Southern Iran, during the rule of King Yima Xshaeta of Southern Arya, modern day Pars, Iran.
      The land Persepolis rests on was originally holy for the place of King Yima’s Birth.

    • But, on one account, you are correct.
      Persians, prior to Sumerian and Assyrian forced migrations due to the Abbasids, and prior to a large migration of Indians from originally Parsi descent…
      Persians do originally look white – if all you look for to determine race is skin color, then a Korean is white.
      Being a Native of Pars, a Native Persian, we do look roughly white.
      I even have green eyes and light yellowish skin.
      My Baba was born with blonde hair, though Persian Blondes’ hair quuickly goes black.
      As his only blonde pictures are as a child.
      But sometimes it stays.
      The reason Persians say they aren’t Arab, isn’t because of Politics. It is because Persians AREN’T Arab.
      Naturally Arabs can’t have green eyes or blonde hair.
      Just as Natural Africans cannot.
      It has always been this way.
      There are only acceptions because THEY have mixed ancestry.
      Persians are supposed to look white.
      That doesn’t mean that we all look the same, but we true Persians look relatively similar.
      We shouldn’t look Indian, and we shouldn’t look Arabic.
      Because we are Persian.
      It is a race.
      And, yes it does look white, if all you look for to determine race is color.

  4. Well, to be fair.
    Being a native of Pars, myself.
    For a white guy, he looks pretty Persian.

  5. Honestly, the guy on the bottom DOES look Persian … like REALLY OBVIOUSLY Persian.
    Is the joke that he isn’t?

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