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Zac Snyder lines up next project


Director Zac Snyder (he of “300” and “Watchmen” fame) has lined up his next live-action project, according to RT:

That project is Sucker Punch, starring Amanda Seyfried (“Mamma Mia” – pictured above) as Babydoll, a young woman in the 1950s sent by her stepfather to a mental institution to receive a lobotomy. When there, Babydoll retreats into a dream world, “like Alice in Wonderland with machine guns,” where she sets off adventures in her mind with four other girls to be played by Evan Rachel Wood, Vanessa Hudgens, Abbie Cornish and Emma Stone.

An all-women cast? Snyder is treading some thin water here. This could either end up decent like the “Kill Bill” movies, or it could be “The Women” all over again. And since nobody actually saw “The Women” (except for Uwe Boll and the makers of “Gigli” who wanted to point and laugh at a movie worse than theirs), I can only hope that this venture by Snyder works out. My advice to Zac: nudity. When in doubt, lots of female nudity will make the plot work. Trust me on this.


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