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“Watchmen” mini review…and had it been a Saturday morning cartoon

Oh, and…HEY, Watchmen just started playing in theaters a couple hours ago!  Seeing as I was there and it’s now 3:30 in the frickin’ morning, how about a mini-review?

watchmenposterOkay, here goes – It was brilliantly crafted and one of the most spellbinding 2 hrs and 43 minutes of my life.  But hold on a second, let me first tell you why.  I have read the graphic novel – 3 times, that is.  That’s why.  Bluntly stated, if you haven’t read the graphic novel, you won’t enjoy it half as much as those who have.  Detailed bits of dialogue will fly right over your head, character names will drift off from memory within seconds, historical references might be overlooked, and certain scenes may just be harder to comprehend without a chuckle or an eye-roll.  You may also become quite bored, not because of the lengthy dialogue sequences or pacing at all.  It is rather that because this is a complex, multilayered story, it is understandably easy for a non-reader to become swept in the confusion and to begin drawing criticisms based on its esoteric appeal apart from general audiences.

Rotten Tomatoes currently has “Watchmen” at 65%.  My honest opinion is that from a general audience’s perspective, this film deserves that rating – make no mistake, this is an incredible film, but only if you have read the graphic novel.  Zack Snyder, a devoted fan himself to the comic, made this movie for the fans and has paid the greatest respects to its literature as well as to the comic book community.  We could not have received a more faithful adaptation to the comic book than what Snyder has created.  And regarding the squid, believe me, it’s better left untouched and preserved within the confines of the comic book pages.  While I’m sure if you’re reading this, you already know how the ending has been altered, but for those who don’t, I’m telling you that you won’t be disappointed.  The ending works and perhaps it even improves upon the original ending when you do think about it (shh…don’t tell Moore I said that!).

Become a fan, read the 416-page graphic novel (I don’t care how you do it…cozy up at Borders for a few hours and if they kick you out, hop over to Barnes & Noble), and finally enjoy “Watchmen: The Movie” as everyone who steps foot  into that theater should.

AngryWeb Rating for Geeks Who Have Read the Comic: 90%


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