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X-Men Origins: Wolverine – 60-Second TV Spots

Twentieth Century Fox has aired three 60-second TV spots for “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”.  The first, second, and third TV spot are titled “Outcasts”, “Brothers”, and “Legends”, respectively, which you can check out below.

*If you’ve read the comic series, “Origin – The True Story of Wolverine”, you’ll know that that’s actually not a young Victor Creed – it’s a boy named Dog, who James Howlett (Wolverine) befriends.  That man w/ the sideburns, who James kills in the TV spot, is Thomas Logan, Dog’s father.  James Howlett starts to resemble Dog as he ages and eventually adapts the name Logan – after Dog’s father.  Understand…?  Anyways, I also don’t recall Dog’s father admitting himself to be James Howlett’s real father, and I’m betting there’s been a bit of tweaking done to the story for Hollywood purposes.  Make no mistake though – overall, this does appear to be quite the faithful adaptation of the origin story from what we’ve seen in the spot so far.


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