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Smallville 8.15 – “Infamous” Trailer

So the writing’s been a little lackluster lately for this season of “Smallville”, especially for those who remember the recent horrendous “Power” episode…yes, where Lana Lang receives superpowers (ugh, geez…).  Then again, “Smallville” has always had quite the fickle record for quality episodes, and as this trailer shows, it looks like it’s picking itself right back up once again.

The show continues March 12th with “Infamous” where, as seen in the trailer, Clark reveals his powers to the world, even to Lois.  While my curiosity’s certainly piqued by the direction this show seems to be taking, I’m also baffled as to how the writers will actually pull this off.  After all, Clark currently doesn’t wear glasses.  Neither does Superman (aka “the red-blue blur”).  Hmm, that’s a problem…

Well, we can only speculate on the resolution to this dilemma for now, and seeing as there’s an episode of “Hex” coming up with a guest appearance by Zatanna, a magician character in the DC mythos, I have the slightest feeling she may play some role in this.  Of course take that with a grain of salt – I’m only theorizing here 🙂  But however the writers do choose to disentangle this plotline, they had better seriously not screw this up.  “Smallville” is, indeed, nearing “Superman” territory at this stage of the show and here’s hoping that the writers are well aware of the thin ground they’re now treading on.



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  1. Maybe Smallville is simply going to go away from the usual Superman story and simply have a Clark Kent Superman with no dual identity.

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