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“Angels & Demons” Path of Illumination Contest Has Begun

ATTENTION: We have moved!  Posts and comments will be redirected to our new location at http://angryweb.net.

EDIT: A big thanks to j15bell for providing photos to assist all of you on your quest! Visit the link HERE. The password is tweleve.

Remember that contest held a few years back by Google when “The Da Vinci Code” was released?  This time around, MSN is hosting a contest for “Angels & Demons” roughly structured in the same way.  The “Path of Illumination Contest” – which just began January 30 – will occur in 2 rounds and a final tie-breaker round leading up to the film’s May release.  Each round will offer a series of 4 challenges released in stages.  Here’s a clear rundown:


The “Path of Illumination Contest” can be found at the official “Angels & Demons” site here: http://www.angelsanddemons.com

It will require you to download Microsoft’s Photosynth as well as sign up for a Windows Live ID (Hotmail and MSN e-mail addresses will work).

*As Round 1 has come to an end, Round 2 begins on March 6.  To remind contestants of the next phase of the contest, Microsoft has sent out the following e-mail:

Congratulations! You are one of only 3,497 contestants from the United States to advance to Round Two of the Angels & Demons Path of Illumination Contest. Don’t turn back now – victory could be within reach!

In Round Two, you must solve four new puzzles. All Round Two puzzles will be available beginning at 10:00 AM PT on March 6, 2009, and must be completed by 9:59 AM PT on March 13, 2009, so mark your calendar!

Unlike Round One, you will have only ONE chance to play each puzzle in Round Two and your score will be automatically submitted for the contest.

Remember, if you have the lowest combined score from Round One and Round Two, you will become the potential country winner, and will receive a trip for two to Rome to attend the premiere of Angels & Demons and more.

Sign in to play at http://angelsanddemons.msn.com

Microsoft respects your privacy. To learn more, please read our online Privacy Statement (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=74170).

Microsoft Corporation
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052

Stuck?  Believe me, after playing through “The Da Vinci Code Contest”, I know from experience that these puzzles do become progressively challenging and players will most definitely need help. 

We are opening the comments board below for open discussion.  Send in any questions or comments you have and feel free to discuss amongst yourselves.

“Angels & Demons” hits theaters May 15, 2009.


1,164 Responses

  1. hello who won the angels and demons contest in the US? what was their score?

    ~chu sum twat

  2. Rachael and All,

    Try another “honest” president for the keyword;)


  3. thx gamepro 🙂
    I got it. The cipher is correct, Rachael! 🙂
    As gamepro said, you just need another president.
    Tell me if you’re there. Will try the next level now..

    • I just realized that I was trying to make some sense out of what I deciphered (thinking it was French or something), and now I see what it was really saying…wow, I’m slow on the uptake…

      With the new one, “seaek” could sound like “seek”. I just keep honing in on the “what could I be seeing or ***hearing*** from this site”. Any ideas?

      • Hmm..yeah..seeing or hearing..absolutely no idea yet. Maybe my english is just not good enough for this.
        First I thought of a iamb or trochee. But it’s neither.
        Concerning “seeing”:
        An anagram of the bold letters would be “see a hard k” 🙂 or “see a dark h”..could refer to the word “what”..hm..unlikely..what do you think, Rachael?

        Anagram of the cursive letters: something with “determine..”?

        Will go to bed now..but I guess I’ll need another hint or your help, Rachael.. 🙂

  4. I was wondering the same thing!

  5. Yay!!! I was really starting to wonder if I was on a wild goose chase! Now I have to think about the new one.

    Thanks for the addtional hint gamepro 🙂 It was much needed!

  6. Hey everyone!

    Be sure to bookmark this thread because we will be making this a non sticky entry now that the contest has died down. The thread will remain open but will be in chronological order with the rest of the site.

  7. @ Yeah Baby

    I got another email with the information that the premiere will be on the 4th of may. Is that a typo? I thought it was the 14th.. Did you get that email? Concerning a blog, etc..
    Thx, axl d

  8. @ axl d

    Yeah May 4th. Seems like we are getting an early pre-release viewing.
    And I sent my pic to join Sony Pictures blog too.
    But still no word on my Vespa!

    • ^^ hmm..ok, thx. See you in about three weeks :)!!
      Then finally we’ll get to know the other winners.

  9. I hope the earthquakes settle down before you guys go. Take care of yourselves. And pass on my congrats to the other winners!

    @axl d
    I think your english is much better than many Americans I know. 🙂
    Maybe the first step we should take is to make sure we’re both working off of the same info (I don’t know about you, but some of the letters kind of blended into the background for me). Here’s what I have:

    First set: cedetinemronshluein
    Second set: rseaekhad

    Once we’re on the same page, we can start trying to make sense out it.

  10. ;)..whoa..what a compliment, thx. I can only hope you’ll never listen to my spoken English ^^

    First set: I think you skipped the “g” of the word “something” in the third last line.
    Second set: Agree.

    😦 still have no idea though..

    @ gamepro
    Do we need any anagrams here?

  11. 🙂

    Thanks for catching that missing “g”. I remember writing it down at some point because I thought of the suffix “ing”.

    Okay, rambling thinking out loud follows:

    So, we have 20 letters in the first set and 9 in the second. The first set couldn’t be one word, so we’re looking for a group of smaller words, which could also mean that we aren’t looking for a 9 letter word… What is the “something alike”? “Hearing” and “Seeing”…? What is in the clue that would tell us what to do with these letters? Does “two track mind” mean that there are two different approaches we need to take with them? It’s also odd that that particular line, and the one below it are the only two without either a bolded or italized letter in them. It says “I didn’t see a rhyme” – which is something you wouldn’t see, but rather hear, and the clue does rhyme.
    (Like I said, just lots of rambling thoughts, but sometimes it helps to get them all out and prune from there)

    The clue was very nice – the last one wasn’t so natural to read, but this one flowed nicely. I also like the ending of two of the lines: “rhyme” and “reason”, when I can’t find either in this clue 🙂

  12. Hi! I can`t believe it! I found other winners!
    I am the “winner” of Spain. I don`t speak English well so I could understand yeah baby and axl d ,are the winners of Canada and ¿¿Germany? ¿¿or USA??jeje

    Today I sent the photo you requested for the blog.

    See you in Rome! I’m happppppppyyyyyyyy!!

    Greetings from Spain!

  13. Congratulations Spain!
    It is great to hear from another winner. From the sounds of things it looks like there will be a blog with pictures of the winners which is pretty exciting. Typically you never know who won or anything about the contest once it is over.

    Spain winner, do you mind posting your score?
    ¿Puede usted fijar su resultado?

  14. Congrats Spain! 🙂
    You’re right, Yeah Baby is from Canady, I’m from Germany..
    See you soon! 😉

  15. Quote: “@gamepro
    The clue was very nice – the last one wasn’t so natural to read, but this one flowed nicely. I also like the ending of two of the lines: “rhyme” and “reason”, when I can’t find either in this clue”

    @Rachel and Everyone

    For the level that you are talking about, think about a code/cipher that requires you to use only two selections. And if that isn’t enough just ask Samuel M.;)

    Good Luck!


    • Thank you for the additional hint gamepro. I’m pretty sure I’m on the right track now, but I think I might be missing a few letters to decode, because I was able to decipher the first two words, but the last bit makes no sense, but to be sure I entered it into the website, but it came back as “page not found”. But I think you have me pointed in the right direction now.

      axl d – for the first two decipherd words, I got “i like”. How are you coming along? Excited about your trip?

      • To be honest..I have absolutely no idea :). The more I read your hints the more I have the feeling that my brain is empty..no great feeling actually. ^^
        “Two selections”..what’s a selection concerning a cipher? Does that mean, we have to use two letters at a time to encode the bold and cursive text? Who is Samuel M.? 😀
        That’s brutal.
        “I like” the idea that you’re right about the first two words ;).
        Sorry that I’m no use on this one :(.
        Good luck, though! I guess, I’m out…

        Yeah..I’m really looking forward to the trip! 🙂 But there are still some things to do..

  16. Congratulations, Spain!

  17. Yep, I was missing a couple of letters. The next one looks like it’s going to be fun 😉

  18. Ive heard that there’s an Italian actor playing character Father Simeon in Angels and Demons this character IS NOT IN THE BOOK–was added to the film!! He’s famous in Italy known as the George Clooney of Italy— name is Cosimo Fusco wonder if this changes the book/film and how????? I think he definitely is a twist.

  19. WTG Rachel! Axl d, google Samuel Morse, and you’ll know what code to use;)

    Don’t give up too soon lol:)


    • -.- morse..ok. Thx gamepro and Rachael. Just weak of me. But “llama” nearly put me over the edge. Never would have thought, that could be an English word ;), originally Spanish, right?

      Well..I’m back..haven’t read the clue yet, though. 🙂 Lets see..

      • 🙂 The first thing I thought of when I read the deciphered code was Carl in Jimmy Neutron – Boy Genius. “I was born a llama boy, and I will die a llama boy” is a running joke in my house. I about fell off my chair when I deciphered it, I was laughing so hard.

        Definately don’t give up. I had no clue what to do until gamepro gave us the additional hint. I might have to hold out for another hint on this next one too…it looks like the answer is all numerical (“no letters to find in the answers”), and with the answers on the hands OR feet – I thought of 10 (10 fingers / 10 toes). The thing getting me is “something about rome and their great men”. The first thought is Roman Numerals which obviously doesn’t work…then there is Cesar, but I don’t know how a Cesar shift could work in this case either. So my head is doing laps trying to wrap itself around this one. Maybe time will let it all sink in.

        I’m sure you have a lot to do – packing, getting the flight and hotel details…etc. Are you going to stay a few extra days on your own, or are you just going to stay as long as the contest lets you? I am so excited for all of the winners! A little jelouse, but mostly excited!

        • Quote: “it looks like the answer is all numerical (”no letters to find in the answers”)”

          Hm..don’t you think, an all numerical answer would be too dry? And if so, why would it be so long?
          I like your idea about the number 10. Or maybe 5. I guess we are to use the 10 or 5 somehow.

          Yes..Cesar shift seems to be very probable..but did you notice? There are too many vowels for the Cesar shift, too many “A”‘s. Or maybe vowels are substituted for other vowels..hm. What about some kind of permutation? Any new inspiration? 🙂

          No :), I won’t stay longer..have to get back as soon as possible. It wasn’t easy to plan. I’d thought, the premiere would be a week later… 😉

  20. hi! Cynthia I dónt remember the final exactly score. about 2000 R1 and 1000 R2. But I´m not sure!

    Axl d, have you got new information about the trip? Yesterday I wrote because they hadnt received my reply to the blog! Incredible! I sent my photo few days ago… Ah! Congratulations to you too!!

    thanks to all!!

    • Thx and great score, Spain! 🙂
      I’m now also waiting for the flight tickets and the detailed information concerning the trip and the prizes.
      Since I haven’t sent a photo, they can’t receive it ;).

      @ you and Yeah Baby
      Once you have your tickets and/or detailed information, please tell me :)!

  21. axl d –

    *** The numbers probably would be dry, but it said that it was a unique pattern. Maybe something like the pattern in The Da Vinci Code where you add one number to the one before it (ie. 112358132134…) where it looks random, but really has a method behind the madness? Although that doesn’t answer your valid question about why it would be so long… unless gamepro wants to see if we can do basic math? And regarding permutation: I had to look up what that meant, and have no clue how to apply it to this…but we can’t rule it out yet.
    *** One argument in favor of the numerical answer is that there isn’t the reminder “to use the correct case” like there were on the other clues.
    *** With the Cesar shift, it might work if we move it over 5 or 10 places? I’m going to check that out now.
    *** Do you know of any other Roman codes?

    • *** Fibonacci! Great idea! He’s Italian..not from Rome though. But what about the 5 or 10 concerning “hands and feet”?
      *** Very good observation.. So it’s getting more probable that it’s all numerical.
      *** I have already tried that at first.. Maybe we have to shift it over 1, 1, 2, 3..the fibonacci-code..? I’ll try this in a minute. But still..why “hands or feet”?
      *** no, sorry 🙂

      Permutation..well I thought it could be something like this: code text: “vhiealonucaaelt–l”
      permutation: 32514
      i have no clue at all

      It would explain the quantity of the vowels but not the quantaty of the “x”.

  22. Okay, I got the permutation: It pretty much looks like a numerical key to descramble words… But where would we find the key? And how could we use 5 or 10? I tried counting out every 10 letters; every 5 letters; every 5 then 10 then 5, etc.; every 10 then 5 then 10, etc and couldn’t find a word in any of them.

    The Fibonacci Sequence was just the first pattered number I could think of (I am so happy you knew the name of it, it was driving me crazy last night, but I was too busy to go find my book!). There might be a roman number pattern based off of 5 or 10?

    I have no clue. I am very much stumped. I should have a little bit of free time when I get home from work that maybe I can do some google searches to see what I can find. But I’ll keep thinking about possibilities until then.

    Kind of a random question: Are we the only two still working on this? Didn’t AJ solve the majority of the first puzzle? I haven’t seen anything from her in a long while. And does anyone know of any other current contests going on? (Other than Dar, which may or may not still be active?)

    • Sigh..no, no success til now.

      We’ll need another hint, don’t you think?

      Fibonacci, permutation, Caesar shift, the number “10”, an all numerical answer..
      Is either of these thoughts useful?

  23. @ Yeah Baby and Spain
    I got another email in German saying that they will contact me next week for the exact flight information. It’s close now.. 🙂

  24. yes me too! 🙂 of Tom rksdkadkski jajaja i don`t remember the surname…
    do you know who are the winners of the other countries??

    I think this trip will be fun! 😀

    • Yeah, that’s him ;).
      No, I don’t know the other winners. It’s a bit odd that the U.S. winner didn’t want to post something in this forum. But I guess, it’s Dave H, he had a below 3000 total.
      That would mean Spain, Canada, Germany and potentially the U.S..still no idea about the U.K., France and Italy winners. I guess we’ll have to wait another two weeks.. 🙂

  25. @axl d and everyone.

    D=500 C=100 etc. Think about what is one both hands and feet, you have mentioned it already!

    Good Luck


  26. Okay axl d…gamepro took pity on us and let us in on the Roman Numeral thing. But I don’t know what direction we’re supposed to head in with the hands and feet. There’s 10 fingers and toes…they are also called digits. I don’t get how to convert “A” into a Roman Numeral though…

    • Hm..thx gamepro. Your hint at least SEEMS to be pretty explicit. 🙂

      @ Rachael
      Now, it HAS to be something with the “X”=10 (or “V”=5) or not?? 😉
      How could a “X” help us here? Cesar shift..doesn’t work. Just translating..too easy and what to do with K, S, U etc. ??
      Last bit would be:

      ADXACAXCAD = a 510 a 100 a 110 a 500

      I don’t get it. Gamepro only gave us one half-new idea..and that was the Roman Numeral thing. So he has to believe, that we don’t need more. I cannot imagine, that we need a very different cipher..aaaah.. ^^ Need some breakfast..

  27. The winners are announced! Congrats to all the others!!

    @ Dave H
    So, your wife is Mary, right? 😀

  28. oh!! Thankss!

    Ahhh!! I’m nervous!!! I look like a little girl!! jaja


  29. Congratulations to all the winners!

    So, Dave your family wins another contest. Well done! What was your stepmother’s score??

    And who was Ghostrider?

  30. @axl & Spain

    Yeah got the email from Tom Kopczynski too.
    So looks like I get the longer trip 🙂 5 nights instead of 3 Yes!
    Really excited now…but still no vespa!

    • 😉 I guess you’ll have to wait for the vespa another few weeks after the trip..no worries. We also haven’t got it yet :).

  31. Congratulations everyone!

  32. @axl and everyone

    You’re answer starts out with a Roman Numeral, no shifting or any ciphers at all. Just count your way to victory.

    @Dave H and Step-Mother Great Job! I have a feeling that she will win it all:D


  33. axl d-

    Looking at gamepro’s new hint…I counted every 10 letters, and each one was a roman numeral. It didn’t work when I typed it in (as Roman Numerals or a standard number) though.

    Counting every 5 didn’t land on all Roman Numerals.

    Can you make anything out of his hint? I’m so happy he’s helping us so much on this one.

    • Okay…I feel kinda stupid now. I got in. I was right about the counting every 10 letters, but don’t overthink it. Each number stands on its own.

  34. axl d-

    I’m going to be no help on this next one. I’ve never been able to see the pictures in these things.

    • @ gamepro and Rachael
      Thx again.. I’m a bit slow on the uptake.. ;).

      @ Rachael
      No worries about the picture, I’ll tell you. I can’t see anything as well but a good friend of mine is a pro in this. I’m sure, it won’t take him long. I’ll meet him Sunday..so.. ;)..we can exercise ourselves in patience..

  35. Woah! I think I saw the word: ROSIE

    @ axl d
    This is the first one I’ve ever seen…you might want to definately check with your friend and make sure I’m right. If I am, that’s pretty cool.

    • Great! 😉
      What do you think about “think inside the box many spaces without one in the lot”

      I guess we’re supposed to examine always three words at a time, right?
      Til tomorrow!

  36. hello!!! axl d yeah baby, have you seen the hotel ? is the Westin Excelsior Rome! look at:http://excelsior.hotelinroma.com/galeria-de-fotos.html?source=-westin+hotel+excelsior

    In the page http://www.angelsandemons.msn.com There are pictures and descriptions of the prizes. 🙂

  37. I don’t know… Maybe we’re supposed to only look at words within the brackets? (there’s that whole thing about snakes in a coil, but it’s outside of the “Clue Brackets”) But the words outside of the brackets are really weird. I don’t know…

    I definitely agree with the every third word thing though.

    But how do we use the key “together” as gamepro said. There’s that obvious emphasis on “together”.

  38. We are moving this thread. Please visit us at the following link to continue your discussion. All your posts have been saved =)


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