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“Batman 3” Being Scripted?

IESB.net is reporting that the brothers Nolan and David Goyer are hard at work in the scripting stage for the next Batman film.  In addition, Batman-on-Film has already confirmed that 2 of those 3 members have already signed on with Warner Bros.  Who those 2 are, we still don’t know yet. Here is producer Charles Roven’s coy response regarding the info:

Chuck Roven: “The creative driver of the project at this point is Chris. There’s really nothing more for me to say about that. When he feels that he’s got something to talk about, then we’ll be able to talk about it.”

IESB: I know you can’t tell us who the villain or villains are, but do you personally know?

Chuck Roven: [Big smile and a laugh] “I really don’t want to talk about that project right now.”

And here’s another awesome fan-made teaser poster for you guys.  How real is that, huh?

*If you have any fanart you would like for us to post on the site, by all means, feel free to let us know!



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