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“X-Men: The Animated Series” Coming to DVD!

Yes, we are talking about the 90s series!  Could this be too good to be true?  It’s been over a whole decade since the series ended and with the constant studio bickering over who had the DVD release rights, fans had pretty much lost all hope that this amazing show would ever see the light of day in retail stores.  Numerous petitions were written up as bootlegged DVD sets began to sell on ebay and various small-time online outlets for hefty sums.  This was certainly not what fans wanted to resort to.

And now it’s suddenly here.  Posted discreetly on Amazon.com are “X-Men: Volume 1” and “X-Men: Volume 2”, each retailing for the low price of $16.99!  Make no mistake, this isn’t another lame-ass attempt to appease the fans by releasing a three or four-episode story arc in the series.  This is the real deal.

While both are 2-disc sets, Volume 1 is listed as 368 minutes long and Volume 2 as 391 minutes long.  Do the math and that’s approximately 18 episodes for Volume 1 and 19-20 episodes for Volume 2!

“X-Men: Volumes 1 and 2” hits stores April 28, 2009.  You can pre-order the sets on Amazon.com here and here.



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