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Jackie Chan. Does not exist. In this dojo. Does he? NO, SENSEI!!!

For those not yet aware of the horrid news released back in November, Will Smith had announced plans to develop a reimagining of the 1980s classic “The Karate Kid” with Columbia Pictures.  Smith’s son, Jaden Smith, was confirmed for the lead role, based on the character of Daniel Laruso, while Chris Murphy would pen the screenplay that would borrow elements from the original.  The “remake” would also be relocated to an exotic Beijing locale.

jackiechanNow, according to Entertainment Weekly, Jackie Chan has been confirmed for the Mr. Miyagi role, while “Pink Panther 2” director, Harold Zwart will helm the film (wtf wtf wtf???).  Yes, you heard right.  This sounds awful.  As I recall, regarding  “The Karate Kid”, Noriyuki “Pat” Morita was indeed nominated for an Academy Award for his performance as Mr. Miyagi.  What kind of  f*ed up drugs were the folks at Columbia Pictures on when they decided to cast Jackie Chan for the role?  Or even decided to make this film in the first place?  WTF.  Will Smith, why are you trying to ruin my childhood?  Oh, I see what your plan was all along…warm up our once-prepubescent, little hearts with one of the most memorable Nick-at-Nite worthy shows on television called “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”…then once we’re all grown up, rip apart another one of our generation’s most beloved and prized of childhood classics?

Somebody boycott this project.  Do something.  Maybe when Columbia Pictures realizes (surely they have?) the tremendous amount of negative response this project has been receiving, they’ll eventually decide to cancel it.  It worked with “The Justice League” (good Lord), after all.


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