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“Watchmen” viral site, new pics, “Black Freighter”, and the zit that just won’t disappear called Fox

A viral microsite for “Watchmen” has recently been discovered at http://www.thenewfrontiersman.net/

In “Watchmen”, the character of Rorschach is a conspiracy theorist and a regular reader of a right-wing magazine called “The New Frontiersman”.  Expect the package to be open sometime early next week!


Now take a look at these nifty new photos released from Total Film Magazine:

The word is that “Tales of the Black Freighter”, the tie-in animated DVD that follows a comic book story within the graphic novel itself, has been assigned an R rating by the MPAA for “Violent and Grisly Images”.

And for anyone who is sick and tired of reading endlessly about this whole brouhaha between Fox and Warner Bros., the gist is, Fox wants to postpone the film, the judge is siding with Fox’s claims that they had the story rights back in 1994, neither side is yielding, and the trial date to settle their differences is January 20th.  The latest news now is that Warner Bros. is trying to set up a trial date as early as next Monday as they had plans to unleash a multimillion dollar marketing campaign leading to the film’s intended March 6th release date.

“Watchmen” hits theaters 03.06.09 once the economy takes a big, nasty dump on Fox and bankrupts them down the toilet.  Hey, it could happen and that would be a fine day, indeed 🙂


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