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“Terminator Salvation” will be scored by…dun dun…dun…dun dun…

terminator_salvation_posterATTENTION: We have moved!  Posts and comments will be redirected to our new location at http://angryweb.net.

Danny Elfman.  An interesting choice, especially when Elfman has had a well-known reputation for scoring many Burtonesque as well as other fantasy-based films (Batman, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, Spiderman, Men in Black, etc.).  What I’m really hoping for is a score that is stone cold, hard as nails, and damn gritty; relentlessly pounding away at your heartbeat and threatening enough to convince audiences that the apocalyptic machine age is actually imminent.  That is what made the original score by composer Brad Fiedel so memorable and I’m sure we all remember that foreboding “dun dun…dun…dun dun” crescendo.

Elfman, however, has stated that the original theme has not been included in the film yet, but if it comes up and it seems appropriate, we will [use it]“.  It’s appropriate, Danny.  Do it!  Whether or not he uses it, let’s cross our fingers this soundtrack will be kickass.

“Terminator Salvation” hits theaters May 22, 2009 (the date on the poster is wrong).


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