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Review: Falling To Pieces Over “LEGO Batman”

With “The Dark Knight” making a killing in the box office this summer and Batman merchandise flooding the market, it was only natural that the gaming industry would strike while the iron was hot. As a longtime fan of all things Batman, I always get worried when I hear that the Caped Crusader will be making his way onto a gaming console. Fortunately, “LEGO Batman” hit store shelves last week and squashed some of those fears for me.

Within the first minute of the game, Batman enthusiasts will be hit with a sense of nostalgia. Revealing familiar environments recreated in LEGO pieces set to Danny Elfman’s score from Tim Burton’s 1989 version of Batman, fans will feel right at home.

For those who have had the chance to get their hands on “LEGO Star Wars” or “LEGO Indiana Jones”, you will find a very similar style of gameplay. There is not much of a learning curve to the controls and anyone can pretty much join in on the fun without fretting the technicalities of a complex game.

The changes “LEGO Batman” made from prior LEGO titles are what make this game stand out above the rest. Since “LEGO Star Wars” and “LEGO Indiana Jones” were direct translations of the movies that bare their name, it left for predictability. “LEGO Batman” has no direct ties to any existing storyline so it feels like a new adventure all together.

Another major change that can be found in “LEGO Batman” is the utilization of vehicles. Like its predecessors, the game consists of 3 major acts. Each act in “LEGO Batman” has a level devoted to vehicle gameplay that will allow you to take your fight to land, air and sea. It creates a diversity that prevents the gameplay from become redundant and keeps the game interesting from beginning to end.

The only real problem with this game is that it’s not for everybody…wait, yes it is! Anyone from children to adults, hardcore gamers to casual gamers, and Batman fans will enjoy this title. There is a vast cast of characters that Batman fans will be familiar with including almost every popular villain that Batman has ever faced. The game sports an adaptive difficulty that will adjust to the skill level of the gamer so it won’t be too challenging for anyone.

The graphics are good for what the game is trying to accomplish meaning that it is comprised of mostly geometric shapes and nothing too risky. The game looks especially good on the high definition consoles like the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 but again, you won’t see anything as intricate as rendered facial expressions.

The bottom line is this game is extremely fun. Whether you want to hop on and play tandem with your AI partner or Co-Op with a friend, you are bound to enjoy your time on “LEGO Batman”. It has a ton of unlockables that add replay value to the game and it is priced right at $49.99 USD on the PS3 and Xbox 360, which is $10.00 cheaper than most new releases. I recommend “LEGO Batman” to anyone who is looking to purchase a game for the sole purpose of having fun with one of the most timeless super heroes of our era.


One Response

  1. Sounds pretty awesome.

    I heard that you can get LEGO Batman toys at McDonald’s. I may have to look for those.

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