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Hot Chip @ The Wiltern

There are several reasons to not like Hot Chip:

  1. They’re from the UK. If you’re not Radiohead, you’re just another Brit band.
  2. They have that geek chic look. Their lead singer looks like that kid that was picked last in every school sport. He also has this weird, almost-androgynous voice.
  3. They’re on their third album, but they’re not exactly mainstream yet. That means their fans tend to have that hipper-than-thou attitude. “Omg, you’ve never heard of Hot Chip?”

I was pretty ambivalent about Hot Chip until this year. I’d heard a few songs, but I didn’t like them enough to pay for an album. My opinion changed when I heard them at the last Coachella. We caught the beginning of their performance, and I was impressed. Because of the heat, we abandoned the tent before hearing more of their act. I was determined to see them again.

Last night we saw Hot Chip at The Wiltern. Before the concert, I’d been listening to Made in the Dark for a few weeks. I wanted those songs implanted in my brain. I was really looking forward to Shake A Fist, and my boyfriend wanted to hear Wrestlers.

The true test of a band is their live performance. I don’t care how good you sound on an album; you’d better bring have a kick ass performance. There are very few bands who sound better live than they do on an album. I’m happy to say that Hot Chip sound as good, if not better, than their album.

They mostly performed songs from Made in the Dark with a few older songs mixed in. I love lead singers who also play instruments, and Alexis Taylor rocked the keyboards while singing. His voice has such a strange tenor but it’s his real voice, not machine-generated. All six members sustained their crazy energy, and the audience was on their feet for most of their set.

All of their songs sounded great, and my favorites were Shake A Fist, Ready for the Floor, Bendable Poseable and Wrestlers. The crowd really popped for Over and Over, another excellent song. Their performance was a crazy mix of electro, rock, and pop, and that strange combo worked. It was an awesome performance, and they surpassed my expectations.


2 Responses

  1. Great band. The second guy in the picture reminds me of Sweet Chuck from the Police Academy movies.

  2. hah!! That’s the lead singer and I think he wore that same outfit.

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