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It is the night after the MTV Video Music Awards and all I have to say is “what the fuck was that about?” Throughout the night we were reminded that this was a special occasion since it was the 25th anniversary of the MTV VMAs. Well MTV sure did pull out all the stops on that show!

During the pre-show, the carpet was surround by preteen girls who obviously have watched more than enough of “The Hills”. Standing there and cheering with their banshee high pitch voices while one hit wonder rap artists and skanky looking R&B singers get there pictures taken by cell phone cameras. To top that off, MTV was kind enough to provide a helicopter for an aerial shot of celebrities arriving in their vehicles…thanks.

Once the show started, we were immediately hit with MTV’s first attempt at making Britney Spears a celebrity again. The pop sweetheart, who can’t sing a lick and has mothered 2 kids, came on for a quick intro and then left the stage only to leave us with what had to be the worst host in VMA history, and that’s not saying much.

Our beloved host came all the way from the U.K. wearing pants that looked like they had to be cut off and had hair like he took a bath with a blow dryer. After making the case that we may not have any idea who he is but he could act like a jerk off because he has some sort of following overseas, he started to bash U.S. politics and pursued the viewing public that England wants us to vote for Obama (which may account for McCain’s 10 point lead in the polls today).

Put all of this shit into a room that is 1/4 the size of what the VMAs provided in the past and you have the most lackluster and disappointing 25 year anniversary that anyone has produced. MTV has quite the history and last night proved that the network has become nothing but a bunch of scripted “reality” shows aimed at homosexuals and teenie bop girls.

I would write more about the events that took place last night but to be honest, I turned the TV off because the loss of brains cells was making me woozie. Thanks MTV.


One Response

  1. yup! Could not agree more! MTV has lost it and becoming more and more disgusting as the years go by. They have ran out of any ideas that are good and are left with shit lackluster programing. This channel should be shut down as it’s dumbing down our youth.

    The only thing that could save this channel is to bring back the videos.

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