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Huxley Will Rock Your Face

Alright, I don’t REALLY know if Huxley will rock your face. It’s not out yet. A release date hasn’t even been announced. But it’s about time someone got started on a next-gen MMOFPS (Massively Multiplayer First Person Shooter). Some sketchy details are floating around the Net, and the game doesnt even have an official site (just an “official” one… yeah, Google it).

Apparently the gameplay is going to be similar to many other FPS titles, except it will be in the context of one of those life-draining time-sucks we all know and love, the MMO. Step aside, World of Warcraft. Not only will you be able to blast the hell out of your friends, but you’ll be able to own your own motorcycles, buggies, APCs and gunships. Player housing is rumored to be included, a place where you can store all your awesome-sauce armor and weapons. And yes, you can customize your character’s physical appearance.

The game will be heavily PvP based, with battlefields that can hold up to 120 players. Three factions will be featured in the game, two player factions and one NPC faction. The two player factions are the Sapiens (humans) and the Alternatives (mutant humans). The third faction is the Hybrids, an alien species.

Huxley is being developed using the Unreal Engine, so you probably won’t need to have a beastly system to be able to play (although judging from the screenshots, I doubt you can get by if your system is a decade old). Luckily for some, it’s also slated for an Xbox 360 release. And the 360 servers will be linked with the PC servers. Score.

Maybe my excitement is premature. I never really got into Planetside, and I can’t think of any other successful MMOFPSs, so I’m hoping this one is going to be a hit. It’s always refreshing to see a novel idea (at least a SOMEWHAT novel idea), but one must keep in mind that anticipation can lead to bitter disappointment. Remember Ninja Gaiden 2.

This trailer is in Korean, but Awesome is a universal language.


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