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Final Fantasy XIII (and Versus XIII) Trailers!

For those that aren’t yet aware, there will actually be THREE Final Fantasy XIII video games in a trilogy titled Fabula Nova Crystallis: Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII. Agito was originally announced as a cell phone game, but it will now also be released on the PSP. FFXIII and Versus are set for PS3 and Xbox 360 releases. The following trailers are for FFXIII and Versus, respectively.

Although plot details are scarce, here is what I gather from the FFXIII trailer: an attractive young woman in skimpy dress will fly around and kick the shit out of monsters and robots in a futuristic world where cars fly and Hindu gods prance through utopian cityscapes.

Versus actually looks more interesting to me. The Kingdom Hearts team is developing this title, so we can probably expect gameplay akin to that franchise. The gritty, more contemporary-looking urban landscape is intriguing. I’m so used to the exclusively futuristic or ancient settings of past Final Fantasy titles that it seems almost anachronistic for the protagonist (?) in the trailer to use trademark Final Fantasy magic. Some screenshots from Versus look like they were taken in West Philly.

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