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News already breaking out on the “The Dark Knight” Blu-Ray release

UPDATE: According to recent news, the release date has been pushed back until December 9, 2008 for both the Blu Ray and DVD version. We will bring post more information as it’s released.

Reports are already coming in on the blu-ray release of “The Dark Knight” from director, Chris Nolan and producers, Charles Roven and Emma Thomas.  Here’s what Nolan had to say:

The blu-ray, in particular, will be able to actually use the shifted aspect ratios as it appears on the IMAX screen because the 16:9 aspect ratio is sufficiently different from the 2:4 that you’ll actually see a shift on the Blu-ray. The resolution on the Blu-ray is clear enough that you can actually see difference in grain structure and sharpness. So I think it will be quite spectacular.

Emma Thomas has stated that it is unlikely there will be alternate takes of Heath Ledger as the Joker, although it’s been noted that he did improvise parts of his dialogue.  Regarding deleted scenes, Charles Roven has stated the following:

We know there won’t be any deleted scenes because there never are.  There weren’t any on Batman Begins and there weren’t any on this one.

“The Dark Knight” may also be the first blu-ray release to utilize the new BD-Live feature.  This will allow viewers to watch the film simultaneously, while allowing for them to chat during and after the film.  Another possible feature would be library access, although further details are yet to be revealed on this.

“The Dark Knight” is slated for a November 18th US release date on DVD and blu-ray.

Interestingly enough, pictures of the Hungarian DVD release for November 25th have shown up online…wow.


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