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New image from “Terminator: Salvation”

Praise be for Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, for without it, we would all be left with a bad taste in our mouths after Terminator 3. Kind of like the time I ordered soup at a Thai place, and was thoroughly enjoying it until I took a bite out of something vaguely gingery and vaguely fecal-like. Took me out of the whole experience. I had to tell the waitress that I’d only be eating a little more of my soup rather than a lot more.

But that’s fine. Now that Terminator: Salvation is coming out, I may just finish my soup, despite the turd.

Thanks to the teaser (which you can see here), my socks are missing, as in, they have been blown away, leaving the calloused and jaundiced soles of my feet bare.

And now this? Why, my feet are missing. I believe they may have been terminated.

Click to see high-res version. Credit to Comingsoon.net.


One Response

  1. How dare you bump my TDK review down a spot LOL! Your Thai soup story was hiliarious haha!

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