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Batman claims NYC and Chicago

Hello there everyone, your old friend Agent O’Neal here with a small but significant update.

A few days ago a countdown began on Citizens for Batman, one of the many sites dedicated to the massive Dark Knight viral. When the clock was at thirty minutes remaining, a chat became active on the website, wherein the “users” of the “forums” began to discuss a major event that would be happening at 7 PM Pacific.

Over a thousand people were on the ground in both New York and Chicago. T-Shirts and other merchandise were given out as prizes, and when the time came, they were treated to this visual spectacle:

There appeared to be technical difficulties in Chicago, where the signal was taken down for roughly an hour before reappearing. The live video is still up via webcam on the CFB site, as well as the transcript of the live chat. I recommend checking it out.

In DVD news, the special Batman Begins Limited Edition gift set came out today, and practically sold out at area stores within hours.

The DVD included two lenticular inserts (one of the cover and one of the newest poster), a 128 MB Bat-Symbol Emblazoned flash drive which has several high-quality photographs of The Dark Knight (including a new picture which leads to another viral website), a discount coupon good towards $7.50 towards seeing The Dark Knight in select theaters, and five limited edition post cards (though I highly doubt you’ll be mailing them). The DVD itself is the 2 disc special edition released a few years ago.

All in all, if you own the previous DVD this might not be worth it for you. The flash drive is hardly usable with its limited space. However, if you’re a fan of collecting accessories and hard-to-find items, it may be worth a purchase.

Amazon has the set for $28.99.


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