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Sarah @Wood’s review of “The Dark Knight”

Well I was fortunate enough to have Sarah Atwood provide me with a review of the upcoming summer film “The Dark Knight”. Sarah was able to catch a glimpse of this film last Friday and though I was mad at her for not taking me, it’s water under the bridge. Here is her exclusive review for “The Dark Knight” and be sure to check her out on her site HERE for your weekly dose of Nerdtainment. And now, time for her review followed by her video review:

The Dark Knight is full of excellent writing, beautiful direction and amazing performances.  It is dark, sexy, psychotic, action packed…in other words it is exactly what we want out of a summer blockbuster.  The moment where the Batpod is introduced made me want to jump out of my seat and cheer and then…when you see what it can do…hot!

What I loved most about The Dark Knight is that each character has layers and an arc.  No one falls flat.  No one is just a comic book character.  These are real people with complexity, passion and fear.  Even Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman), who has one of the smaller roles in the movie, wastes no screen time.

Most notably, for me, are Aaron Eckhart and Heath Ledger’s performances. I have never seen Eckhart show such depth.  As Harvey Dent he has an intense drive to protect his town. Bruce Wayne calls him the White Knight.  He is the face of good that Gotham needs. Then as he becomes Two Face, this intensity turns to revenge.  His transformation is honest and believable.

Heath Ledger’s portrayal of The Joker goes beyond an evil villain. He carries visible wounds that motivate him to create chaos as if he has no reason to live and wants to bring everyone else down with him. He is thrilled by others pain and misery and dares Batman to play with him to the death. I could have lived without the strange tongue action he did but the clear intent behind each line made up for it.

I felt this was a well done story with perfectly timed action sequences until we hit what I assumed was the end.  This is where I will voice my only complaint.  The end didn’t end.  It kept going. In fact, it kept going for probably 30 minutes. It did suck me back in and it was an exciting 30 minutes but I had to question why this ending. The movie didn’t need to cram all that in. Christopher Nolan could have saved some plot points for a third installment.  But…there is too much good in this movie to complain, so I’ll let it slide. Because of this glitch, I must keep Iron Man as the best summer movie so far with The Dark Knight as a close second.

The big action scenes were shot in IMAX which can only make them even more bad ass. I will definitely be seeing it in IMAX when it opens.


One Response

  1. Iron Man was a stereotypical, artificial, and generic comic book movie. I mean Robert Downey Jr. was great, but that’s all the movie really had going for it.

    The Dark Knight is just so much deeper, darker, and more interesting. The cinemotography of the city is beautiful. The pacing of the film is fast. The music is as tense as the story. I just don’t see what Iron Man did that edges out Dark Knight. It doesn’t matter if this movie was 90 minutes or 5 hours. As long as it was entertaining, that’s all that matters.

    IRon Man was a guy building a suit for half the movie, and when he finally faces the main villian, it’s only for 5 minutes. The Dark Knight has all these character arcs and storylines going. It’s a much deeper movie overall.

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