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How to pick up hookers in GTA 4 (Updated)

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Well lately we have been receiving an uncomfortable amount of traffic and emails about picking up hookers in GTA 4. It seems some people don’t know how to do it and here at Angry Web we are devoted to making sure that you have a pleasurable gaming experience.

To be honest it is really simple. Drive a car up to a woman that looks like a hooker (since she probably is) and simply honk your horn. As I am playing the PS3 version that would be the L3 button (and I’m sure the same button on the Xbox). Prostitutes are usually around ghetto parts of town and also in industrial areas. If you’re on the first island then chances are the prostitutes are large black ladies. As you progress through the game they get skinnier and whiter (with deep Puerto Rican accents that lead me to believe that they have an Adam’s apple).

Believe it or not, there is a full Yahoo! Answers post on this so if I failed to answer your question then head HERE for more info.

UPDATE: Well judging from Dave’s comment below, I wasn’t clear enough in my intent to help you lonely bastards out.

After you successfully get a hooker into your car using the method I have described below, you need to drive to a secluded area like an empty ally. Somewhere hidden. After that, you will be given 3 options at 3 different price ranges. Here is a video of what the 3 price ranges include:


9 Responses

  1. Haha… I like how you have an uncomfortable amount of emails about picking up hookers on GTA. highlarious.

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  3. k but how do you fuck them??

  4. Yeahh, uhmm, I don’t get the 3 options, the b*tch does what she does, and takes $70.00 && gets out of my car.

  5. @tineke

    I guess you got screwed…

  6. thanks for the advice on picking up hookers! priceless.

  7. y do they just run away from me

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  9. ik how to pick them up but what do they do to you? how come u gotta pay? what do u gotta pay for? what is that service thingy about?

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