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“Spiderman” to cast a new Peter Parker?

Some of you may have picked up a hint of animosity in regards to how I discuss the Marvel movie universe and this latest rumor is a prime example of what pisses me off. According to Latino Review, not only is “Spiderman” 4 and 5 going into production but they are looking for actors to take over the role of Peter Parker.

Sometimes these studios need to take the time to pull their heads out of their asses and stop producing sequels until they have completely destroyed a franchise. When the lead actor in a movie wants to disassociate himself with a movie project then chances are it’s not a good idea to steer the ship off course. “Fantastic 4” went from shit to shittier and the addition of an emo dancing Peter Parker in “Spiderman 3” was enough to make me want to poke my eyes out with a salad fork. “Iron Man” scheduled a sequel before the first film was released and as much as I enjoyed that movie, I look to the future and am already seeing the over capitalization of the franchise as it is but a crossover which will include a “Thor” movie. It’s too much.

To read the full article from Latino Review go HERE and take a look at the douche bags they want filling “Spiderman’s” leotard.


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