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“Watchmen – Tales of the Black Freighter” to be a separate DVD release

Zack Snyder, director of the upcoming comic book-to-film adaption, “Watchmen”, has announced a direct-to-DVD animated release of “Tales of the Black Freighter”. The DVD is set to hit stores five days after the March 6, 2009 theatrical release of “Watchmen”. “Tales of the Black Freighter” will also include a documentary-style film called “Under the Hood” which explores deeper into each of the characters’ backstories.

“Watchmen” is then scheduled for a DVD release four months later, along with an extended edition which will interweave the “Black Freighter” animated feature into the theatrical “Watchmen” cut. 22- to 26-minute webisodes called “The Watchmen Motion Comic” are also planned to be included with the release.

Is it me or is this news coming out a little way too early? Not that I’m complaining. I loved the graphic novel and I’m definitely stoked for this. 03-06-09.

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