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“Cancun”: “Reaper” season finale

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Worship Satan. Just kidding, but seriously, the creators of CW’s “Reaper” must have sold their souls to the devil to get green-lit for a second season after their anti-climatic season finale. Before I continue, bear in mind the major plot thread, a human is charged by Satan to capture escaped souls from Hell, is a carbon copy of the short-lived, but amusing 1998 Peter Horton TV series “Brimstone” that centers around a dead NY cop brought back to earth to capture 113 escaped souls tormented during his trials by Satan himself, wonderfully acted by John Glover (Lionel Luthor on “Smallville”). Imagine this, but a more hip and younger group of actors headed by Bret Harrison from another cancelled series, “The Loop”, and the voluptuous Missy Peregrym (“Heroes” Season 1, Stick It!).

I’ve given this show an honest chance since the pilot, but I have to say it’s turning into the 2nd season of “Heroes” (and we all know how that turned out). Basics: Sam finds out his employ to Satan based on a contract where his parents sold his soul before his birth is a lie; he is in fact the anti-Christ or Son of Satan although this is left open to be resolved in Season 2. His human “Dad” is buried alive by a demon revolution bent on imprisoning Sam for all eternity only to be dug up in the closing scenes of the finale by Sam’s mortal mother, the “whore of Babylon.” Just when you think Sam is going to bust out some devil powers and escape from his cage, a demon has a change of heart, swoops in, and carries Sam to safety.

In hindsight, I don’t know why I kept watching after the first two minutes: I guess I laugh at the rants and antics of Satan, played humorously by Ray Wise, Laura Palmer’s father from the David-Lynch created series “Twin Peaks” which blows “The X-Files” right out of the water. Added bonus is the slap-stick comedy of Sam’s friend Bert ‘Sock’ Wysock, the “thickness” of the group, who in the finale, goes PCP on an escaped soul by throwing a baseball at her head after hooking up with a demonic babe. Yeah, I would tap that if I didn’t have to give up a year of my life to do it, but then again, maybe I would. Despite its status as a dark comedy, “Reaper” is nothing more than a mash-up of Satanic Majesties Second Request and the occasional T & A. In other words, stick with your porn.


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