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New promo for “Heroes” season 3

Now go ahead and flame the shit out of me if you want to but “Heroes” is coming back and all I can say is…why? I know a lot of people that like the sort of content on this blog are prone to liking the show but ask yourself, is it really that good or are you infatuated with the fact that it is a show about super heroes (if you want to call them that).

Season 1 was the most anticlimactic series that I have ever bared witness to. Watching the characters develop their powers was entertaining until I realized that the story wasn’t really going anywhere. When that raspy voice came on at the end of the episode telling me that with only 3 episodes left the most shocking things will happen led me to believe that I would be spending an hour watching something other that Sylar bring his mom a snow globe. By time the final episode hit, I was disappointed by the horrid ending and thought it to be useless since killing off characters really doesn’t mean that much to the writers.

Season 2 was a whole other abomination that I won’t even go into but have to say was significantly worse than the prior season and fortunately cut off by the writer’s strike. With that being said, what can be done with season 3 to make this show seem less like a Lifetime network version of X-Men work? Bring on more action, less crap dialogue, more twists that I actually care about, cut Nikki out of the show, stop introducing more “Heroes” with new powers just to try and engage the audience and end the season with a bang so I know that all the other episodes I watch actually went somewhere.

Here is a teaser for season 3 because I would be doing my service to the community if I didn’t share it.

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