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PlayStation 3 gets update 2.35 (Updated)

Sony has just released a firmware update for the PS3 that supposedly improves the stability of some of the games. When gamers got word their minds drifted immediately to the supposed issues that GTA4 has had on the PS3 console. Unfortunately word has it that the update does not affect GTA4 whatsoever. Once more information is available, we will bring it to you.

According to Sony:

[We] just want to clarify that this upcoming firmware update isn’t related to GTA IV. For those of you who may still have an issue playing the game on your PS3, we have identified a solution that should resolve the issue. You can contact SCEA Consumer Services for support…

So to dumb it down, this update won’t fix issues with GTA4 but there is a solution. Personally I have never had a problem with GTA4 on my PS3 but one of my buddies have so the game is not 100% faulty.


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