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Is the Two-Face picture legit?

After receiving 2 separate notices to remove images from this site and even a visit to my home by a WB investigator in regards to the leaked Joker images, I am starting to believe that the recent photo we have seen of Aaron Eckhart portraying Two-Face is indeed a fake. Now I may be wrong and there is rumor that the image was concept art for the final product but WB has been very aggressive in regards to having leaks or spoilers removed from even the smallest sites. After going through all the trouble of making sure our tiny operation keeps images away from the eyes of “The Dark Knight” fans, why neglect an image of a character that hasn’t been seen to date? Personally, I have a feeling that the Two-Face in the image will be very different than the Two-Face in the upcoming film.

What do you think?

2 Responses

  1. Hi webmaster!

  2. actually u have probably seen the movie but that is the actual guy in the movie i personaly think they shouldnt have killed him so that he was the next step in the batman legacy

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