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“The Dark Knight” Movie Masters figures released today

Series 1 of Mattel’s Movie Masters Action Figures for “The Dark Knight” were released today at toy stores across the country. These intricately detailed figures include Batman, The Joker, and a Gotham City Thug. While Batman comes with a mask, and Joker with a Joker playing card, the Gotham City Thug has 5 different masks to choose from. I chose “Grumpy” primarily because it’s the one Joker wears in the Prologue. In addition to these 3, there is a highly rare Batman chase figure that includes masked/unmasked interchangeable heads, the latter bearing a striking resemblance to Christian Bale.

Toys “R” Us is selling these figures for $9.99, but chances are they’ll have a short supply, as many stores had them stocked up as early as May 1st. Avoid Target if you’re looking for immediate gratification, as I hear they will not receive them until the following week. As for Wal-Mart, although they charge $11.47 for each figure, it’s definitely your best bet. Behold my marvelous collection…


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