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Lazy Saturdays (NSFW)

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It’s Saturday. I’m lazy. So instead of writing some quasi-interesting paragraph to support some new happenings in geek culture, just enjoy this picture of a random girl with Linux body paint.


10 Responses


  2. so.. I noticed that they have belly buttons. lol, but they’re birds…..

  3. don,t you know , it is s not art at all, its woman exploitation , by showing her naked body to public by Painting either…. may god forgives her .,,, Amin !!

  4. Amin, don’t talk in my name or I will not forgive you !

  5. Belly buttons? Birds? God? Look at her sweet tits!!!

  6. Nice………………………

  7. Good Stuff, if you’re into women and what not or penguins, or paint, or god

  8. ok, this is definitely a great pic… and amin? Do you mean Amen? Jeez, have you never been to church a day in your life?

  9. holy driver, you stupid asshole, orthodox christians are saying amin. Are you really that stupid?
    Anyway, girl is nice…:D

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