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Kill me now

Shield your eyes if you want to avoid depression:

Michael Hanson for The New York Times ” A player, lucky charms at hand, waited for bingo to start at a hall in Renton, Wash.”

In case you didn’t catch the by-line, this photograph and caption was taken off of a front-page story on The New York Times website. The article was about smoking bans at charity bingo games and their subsequent loss in earnings.

I really don’t give a shit about smoking bans or bingo. I was just struck by how mind-numbingly depressing this photo is. Just imagining this gargantuan woman dragging her collection of Furbies, Beanie Babies, and taxidermy cats to Bingo Night in graceless solitude is enough to make me weep. I hope she has more to look forward to in her life than Bingo, but probably not. I’m glad I can’t read what’s on her shirt, because it looks menacingly colorful and it might just push me over the edge into insanity after having been awake for almost 40 hours.

Thank you Michael Hanson, you sadistic bastard.


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