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“Flight of the Conchords” album released this week

Whether you are a fan of comedy or a fan of good music, the latest full-length album from “Flight of the Conchords” is extremely entertaining. Unlike most comedic musicians, “Flight of the Conchords” actually write music that meets the standards of what good music is today. Sharing a record label with bands like “Deathcab for Cutie” and “Nirvana’s” early releases says something about what these two guys from New Zealand can produce musically.

If you were a fan of the HBO series, which is also titled “Flight of the Conchords”, then chances are you are already familiar with most of the tracks on this album. What I find interesting though is that the music is written so well that it doesn’t have to be listened to strictly for comedic purposes. With genres ranging from Hip Hop to Alternative, each song is quite catchy. But be aware, if you hone in to the lyrics while listening to any track on this album you are almost guaranteed a laugh. If you loved the show than this album is a must-have. If you are unfamiliar with what “Flight of the Conchords” are about, then check out a song or two on iTunes and you might be pleasantly surprised.

Here is a video from the series that exemplifies what you might find from the new self titled record on Sub Pop Records.


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