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3 hours of Knight?

Dark Horizons is reporting from circling rumors that Chris Nolan’s much-anticipated sequel, “The Dark Knight”, is clocking in at approximately 3 hours. Is this good news? As much as I have the utmost faith in Chris Nolan’s judgment, I’m hoping that it avoids any dragging moments which are always detrimental towards a film’s critical response. But what am I to complain about?!? We’re getting 3 hours of a Batman movie! Heck, I could even last an entire 30 days…yes, I came up with the title all by myself (clap clap).

Meanwhile early word on “The Dark Knight” is that Chris Nolan’s cut clocks in at nearly three hours and it’s unlikely to be cut down much further despite the studio’s desire for a more manageable 150 minutes. Nolan’s “Batman Begins” came in at 140 minutes so a slightly longer runtime for the sequel doesn’t seem surprising and the immaculately conceived Devin Faraci over at CHUD thinks that, and I tend to agree, it’ll probably come in at about 165 mins.

Looks like Indy’s also working overtime this time around. “Crystal Skull” clocks in at 140 minutes! You can read the rest of the article HERE.


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