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“Patapon”: The new “Lemmings”

If you like random games such as “Lumines I & II”, the “Katamari” series, “Elebits”, or “Rayman Raving Rabbids”, with awesome cell shading graphics and eccentric, twisted stories, Patapon should be a definite buy for your PSP collection.

You are (by default) a being known as Kami. You command the once great Patapon warriors with four beat commands (move, attack, defend, and miracle callings) in hopes of returning the Patapons to their former glory and of reaching Earthend, home of the mysterious object, IT (I won’t spoil the surprise to the actual object at the end of the game).

The story is so twisted and random that you may just laugh at yourself for buying and playing such a game. Perhaps its just the numerous amounts of weapons and upgrades you will find along the way to kick some Zigaton army ass (the Patapon’s sworn enemy) or the gigantic, mythical creatures. Or, maybe its just the Patapon’s nature to worship you as their Mighty One or their similar resemblance to Lemmings, just not as stupid and the Patapons do not walk aimlessly off cliffs. Either way, whatever subliminal messages the Sony Computer Entertainment Japan developers did to make this game so addicting, they did it well.

Bottom Line – go buy it because it’s worth the money.

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